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Elevate every space with our leading automation and technology solutions. Seamlessly blending with any building, our intuitive systems offer unparalleled efficiency, all while championing sustainable practices across all sectors.

Whether you’re embarking on a new project, rejuvenating a classic structure, or delving into retrofitting, we’re your quintessential partner for bespoke solutions tailored to your distinct needs.


Discover a world of smart home automation that elevates your lifestyle and minimizes your carbon footprint. Whether you’re starting fresh, renovating, or upgrading, we’ll help you find the perfect solutions. Explore endless possibilities for enhanced convenience, comfort, and style through intelligent control of your home’s systems. From audio-visual to security, green tech, and energy solutions, we’ve got you covered. Live smarter, greener, and more comfortably, while saving on running costs.


Maximise productivity in vital business areas like conference rooms and executive offices with seamless integration of smart technology. Simplify presenting to clients both in-room and remotely with a single “Presentation” button. This initiates automated actions like dimming lights, lowering shades, activating displays, and connecting to video conferencing. Enjoy effortless control of audio, video, lighting, networking, and more from a single interface, eliminating setup struggles and interruptions during meetings.


In hospitality, guest experience is paramount, often determined by first impressions. Impress with a welcoming lobby featuring custom digital signage and high-quality music. Enhance comfort by automating room settings at check-in, adjusting temperature, lighting, and blinds. When guests depart, energy-saving measures activate, adjusting heating, cooling, and blinds. Our RMH-Group solutions seamlessly integrate, reducing energy usage and providing reports to confirm carbon footprint reductions. Elevate guest experiences sustainably.


Experience the exciting transformation of education through cutting-edge AV and security technologies, shaping students for a dynamic tech-powered future. In the face of Covid-19 disruptions, maintaining institutional continuity is paramount. Let RMH Group be your guide through the ever-evolving landscape of technology options, crafting bespoke solutions to meet your unique needs. Together, we’ll not only enhance efficiency but also champion sustainability by curbing energy usage and reducing carbon footprints, ensuring a brighter, greener future for education.



Lutron Platinum dealer, expertly integrates eco-friendly lighting & technology solutions across various sectors.


Creston Elite dealer, delvering cutting-edge automation solutions, enhancing efficiency & performance in commercial settings.

Bowers & Wilkins 

Bowers & Wilkins excels in delivering high-fidelity audio equipment, setting industry standards for sound excellence in commercial environments.


Control4 transforms commercial spaces with innovative, seamless automation, elevating effciency and user experience.

Harman Professional

Harman Professional revolutionises commercial spaces with innovative audiovisual solutions, offering unparalleled quality and integration. 

Ruckus & Cisco

Ruckus & Cisco transform commercial environments with their robust, innovative network solutions, ensuring seamless connectivity and top-notch performance.

Discover Tomorrow, Today

Delve deeper into our diverse offerings. From first-rate audio-visual integration and premier security systems to sustainable energy innovations and off-grid power solutions, we’re at the pinnacle of technological excellence.

As the pace of technological advancement accelerates, so too does the demand for integrated solutions that simplify and enhance our daily environments. From homes and offices to commercial spaces and public facilities, the need for intuitive, sustainable, and efficient systems is undeniable.


"Our most important need was met by the fantastic team at RMH Group Group, we now have brilliant speedy internet & WiFi experience. Working remotely is now dependable and effective for us."


"The technology worked, and it works seamlessly, effortlessly, regularly. There are several fundamental parts to our hotels that we believe in and those primarily are quality, which is really at the centre of everything we do, but affordability as well."

Chief Executive Officer for the Hotel group

"Everything is so reliable and easy to use now. If you want a focused, knowledgeable, sharp team of individuals who deliver to the highest standard, I recommend RMH Group Group."

Global Facilities Director for Financial Company


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